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Via Moruzzi, 1, 56124                                       Building: B

Pisa, Italy                                                          Floor: 2nd

Tel: +39 050 621 3146                                      Gates: 17-18

By plane

Pisa has an international airport with daily flights to London, Paris, Bruxelles and other important European cities, as well as to Rome, Milan, and other Italian cities. The timetable of incoming and outgoing flights together with a list of carriers is available at the Pisa International Airport website (Galileo Galilei Airport, PSA).

The airport is on the outskirts of the town, approximately 6 km from the Laboratory. To reach the Laboratory, it is probably most convenient to take a taxi. Otherwise, you have to take two different busses: bus LAM Rossa (L/R) (direction S. Iacopo) from the airport to the railway station, and then bus LAM Verde (L/V) (direction Via di Pratale) getting off at the first stop in Via di Volpi. Tickets are on sale within the airport. Timetables are here.

By train

The railway station is located on the main line from Turin to Rome. There is also a very frequent train service to and from Florence. Ferrovie dello Stato provides a train schedule and booking service.

The railway station is approximately 5 km from the Laboratory. To reach the Laboratory you can take bus LAM Verde (L/V) (direction Via di Pratale) getting off at the first stop in Via Volpi, beside the CNR Area. Tickets are on sale outside the railway station; timetables are here. Taxi service is also available.

By car

Pisa is near the intersection of two highways: A12 north-south (Sestri Levante - Livorno) and A11 east-west (Pisa - Florence). Informations about italian highways can be found here

From motor way A12 (green signs) Exit Pisa centro, then follow the high way (blue signs) to Florence up to the Exit Pisa Nord Est and follow the road signs to the Area CNR, about 10 min. from the motor way exit. Parking is available.