During academic year 2017-2018 in the Mathematics Department of University of Pisa, Laboratory holds, in collaboration with Visual Computing Laboratory, a PHD course titled Shape Analysis and Geometric Processing.

The course deals with 3D shape analysis and geometric processing, which are key topics in Computer Graphics, Vision and Digital Fabrication. The course introduces well-established and recent geometric concepts and tools (curvature and geodesics, spectral methods, computational topology, topological persistence), emphasizing the discrete and computational viewpoint. In the last decades these topics have attracted the attention of many researchers thanks to the fast-paced growth of the research in 3D, pushed by the technological advances in gaming, autonomous navigation, biomedical, digital cultural heritage, 3D printing, etc. The aim of the course is to let the math student appreciate how geometry is successfully used in applied sciences; and to provide the computer science student the mathematical basis needed to efficiently tackle open issues in such a lively research field.